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Dome Shelters WA


Dome shelters are the most solid and durable building and tarp building for cyclone prone regions of north west Australia and northern Queensland.

WA Container Services is the new WA distributor and sales agent of Australian “region D” rated, dome shelters. We sell many various sizes of dome shelters in Western Australia.

Buy and build your own new easy to install dome shelters or ask our dome shelter construction director of sales and marketing, for a quote on dome shelters installation in Western Australia.

Please see attached more “D region” dome shelter sales and construction information for Australian cyclone areas, sizes and pricing.


  • domes are the strongest roofing structure. Architecturally designed for maximum strength
  • cheapest per square meter building.
  • durable tarp
  • cyclone resistant
  • fastest building construction with with minimal unskilled labour costs
  • VERY cheap kit form transportable buildings for north west Australia mining industry, construction industry, fast response cyclone emergency relief shelters, storage and logistics.
  • Many various size dome shelters to choose from.

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